J. McCrary Photography & Design J. McCrary Photography & Design


Left unchecked, photography is a hobby that can quickly snowball into a lot of work, and for some, a business - - or two! Ten plus years ago, I started out by taking pictures of my daughter, having fun shooting landscapes, and trying my hand at different types of photography to see what I liked. Before I knew it, people began asking me to take pictures of their kids. And that turned in requests to do high school senior portraits, then models, then lifestyle photography, boudoir, then weddings, corporate work, sports, and on and on.

One day, I decided I was going legit. Next thing I know, I was getting my state tax ID, signing contracts, creating logos and copyrights, trademarking, archiving photos, building a brand, and running ads...just for starters. I've created an amalgamation of most of the artistic segments I take part in - - all here in one repository - - J. McCrary Photography & Design.

My hope is that the different types of photography and design will serve to be a symbiotic gathering of skills that I can put to use to help you with any project you have in mind. My goal is to faithfully represent your vision, whether it be in photos, graphic design or videography. I hope that you enjoy the art posted here and that you find something that catches your eye. I'd love to be your choice for your next sitting, event, or project. I look forward to collaborating with you.


- Josh

P.S. If you're looking for glamour, boudoir, or lifestyle photography, shoot me an email. We can talk about your next project or request and I can give you links to those galleries.